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QWhat is the Free Knowledge Exchange?
It is an attempt to make a collective mind, based on free exchange and selection of knowledge. It is not a secret that we are looking at problems from different points of view. You will see how experience of many people unite here in order to solve your problem. The suggested solutions are evaluated and the best ones are selected to give birth to new solutions.
It is a new way to cooperate, a friendly environment encouraging creativity and brainstorming, taking human factors into account. There is no critical remarks that can offend, but there is a competition of solutions. No way to compromise your reputation by inappropriate questions or erroneous answers. Every person is too unique to confine oneself to one role or profession. Your profession, social status, age, degree does not matter here. It is a place where a skateboarder can solve scientific problems and an adult can act like a curious teenager.
It is a community of people who want to radically improve their productivity based on new technologies and easy circulation of knowledge. These are people who are always willing to help you with your problem. You can post your problem at this site and see it solved. What is more important, you expand your freedom of choice by adding new alternatives you hadn't considered before. It is nice to be sure you can solve any problem!
It is an addictive educational game. You learn and you compete to achieve the highest score. Imagine roulette wheel game where every sector has a problem to solve, your stake is your solution, and a winner receives solutions to one's problems. In addition, you have a score (only you know it) that shows how successful you were playing, i.e. how successful you are at solving real-life problems.
It is a technology that can be used profitably by many organizations. It can make a perfect helpdesk for customers having questions, technical problem solving forum, intracompany decision making support tool. It can really turn your customers into your partners and contributors, source of new marketing ideas.
If you think constantly about your problems, you surely solve them eventually. But there is a more pleasant way to solve: exchange problems! Let someone have your problems: give them away. Choose another problem for yourself that is fun. Our neighbor's problem often seems to be easier. Check it out for yourself (and invite your neighbor).

The Free Knowledge Exchange is a variety of things, you can choose what do you like more

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